The Screenplay

The Dunes Hotel; a forthcoming screenplay.

I am presently working on the screenplay for the legendary Dunes Hotel and Country Club, which is based on my book: The Dunes Hotel: the Mob, the Connections, the Stories.

This work will be available as an ongoing series for television, cable and other streaming services. (attention all enrolled agents!)

Wow. I have found writing the screenplay more exciting than writing the book. I find it exhilarating. It was a real surprise.  I thought it would be much more difficult and challenging to create dialogue and scenes, but it is easy.

The process of working with dialogue allows me to disclose the real probabilities of the characters’ deeds, motives and hidden secrets that couldn’t be discovered through interviews, documents and given facts.

The screenplay is fiction, but based on absolute true facts. The resulting assumptions and stories are extremely probable.

The characters, Sid Wyman, Charles J. Rich and their partners, didn’t leave any evidence that would cause adverse action to their friends, family or themselves. They were clever operators.

Watch for observations and notes as they become relevant.

Geno Munari